The Nonserious Games brand was started by Prayas Abhinav in 2019. Huma Samir joined a few months later as a design collaborator and partner. Their purpose is to enliven and refresh the content of casual social gatherings.

Each of their board game or card game releases is planned in as simple a format as possible to make it approachable for everyone. Prayas has been involved in games academically prior to founding the brand. Huma has approached game design as a designer and a passionate card game player.

Nonserious Games wants to bring more diversity and energy to India’s board game & card game market. Our games have novel themes and custom decks. People are familiar to board games & card games as compact and portable expressions of play.

Nonserious Games makes games that become brief episodes of immersive fun either with friends or family. The main products the brand is offering are ‘Blackpool,’ a board game which is a simple modification of Ludo. ‘All or Nothing,’ a card game about a pizza fight and ‘Wanderlust,’ a card game about traveling the world.