Escape The Dark Waters

A tabletop game to enhance your strategic + tactical skills

Designed and made in India

How To Play Blackpool?

(rules and game-play explained)​

Blackpool is designed to enhance your strategic + tactical skills. Because of the significance of the rules, please play close attention to them.

2-4 Player Strategy & Racing Board Game

Age 12+ (suitable for teens, adults and senior citizens)

₹ 949

Blackpool is a strategy and racing board game designed for both, entertainment and intellectual stimulation. It is a fun game for parties, family gatherings, or just a casual evening with friends. Blackpool is designed to engage kids and grown ups alike. 

Along with luck, you will need to use sound strategies to win this game. And to win, you have to be the first player to get all of your travellers (the tokens are called travellers in Blackpool) out of the mystic whirlpool and land them safely back to your camp. You may use the curse cards to stop others, charm cards to move ahead, and take advantage of anyone who is ahead of you by using the special piggybacking technique. You may jump on someone who is ahead of you to slow them down, or choose to move ahead with them. Smart use of piggybacking can become the difference between winning and losing the game.
The race starts from the middle of the board, and the players have to move outwards. Each player has three ‘travellers’ whom they have to save from the whirlpool. In order to do so, the travellers have to get to their camps, which are at the corners of the board. The travellers have to go through several rings to get to the camp. Like a real whirlpool, in Blackpool, it gets easier to move as you get further away from the center. The players movement depends on the dice roll and on the ring they are at. The first player to get all their travellers to their camp wins the game.
  • Original + familiar game elements
  • Engaging fun for family & friends
  • Suitable for teens, adults and senior citizens
  • Detailed manual and glossary included
  • Gameplay of upto 90 minutes
  • Includes 3 tokens and 3 coins for four players each, 5 charm cards, 5 curse cards, 1 dice, 1 rule-book, and 1 game board

Where to Buy?

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Game Attributes

Everyone Enjoys!

The Blackpool board game is suitable for teens, adults and senior-citizens alike

Enhance Your Skills

By playing Blackpool board game, players can enhance their strategic + tactical skills

Play Often to Win

Players who play regularly, understand the rules better and have an added advantage

Game Elements

Escape to Win

In the Blackpool game, all players are trying to escape from a whirlpool

Live Free or Die

If another player's traveller PiggyBacks on your traveller, their movement becomes slow

Force vs Force

In the game, the travellers are subject to two forces: one negative, one positive

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