All or Nothing

Play A Slice, Win A Pizza

A fun and competitive addition game with pizza slices (the pizza game!)

Designed and made in India

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All or Nothing is game

How To Play 'All or Nothing'?

(rules and game-play explained)​

How To Play 'All or Nothing'?


For 2-4 players, play with the family for light fun

Age 7+ (suitable for teens, adults and senior citizens)

₹ 500 749*

Pizza slice

Each player tries to complete a 12-slice pizza by adding or removing slices. In this simple arithmetic card game, all age-groups can have quick fun.

* Rs 500 is applicable with a coupon code. Amazon & without coupon code price is subject to change.

  • Easy & quick to learn
  • Play with the family for light fun
  • Addition game; practice number skills
  • Win with alertness, foresight and luck!
  • Games offer 30-minutes of recreation
  • Practice addition + subtraction
  • A game for kids and adults both
  • Aiding number sense development
  • Win with luck, strategy and speed!

A 12-slice pizza has been ordered. Everyone is hungry and wants to eat the entire pizza on their own. The game captures the tussle that follows. The winner of each round gets to eat the whole pizza.

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Nishit Baid
Nishit Baid
Banker, Mumbai
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Loved playing this with my kids. Fun way to make them practice addition/subtraction and at the same time make them think of how to maximise points in every round of play. Keep them coming 👍🏻
Aryan Aggarwal
College Student, Pune/London
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It's a good game. Intuitive and fun. I like it.
Arjun Shetty
Arjun Shetty
Senior Engineer, Qualcomm
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I played it . Concept is interesting. Mix of young kids as well to play with can keep it fun. Packaging was awesome. It can even serve as good game to teach addition subtraction as well to young kids. Larger set of people to play with like 4 people can make it more interesting and fun.


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