Satrangi Cinema

1,100.00 975.00 inc. GST

Kya aap filme dekhte ho, ya filmo me doob jaate ho? If you are a true Bollywood buff, it is time to show off your skills of movies, memory and observation. This game can be hours of unending fun, with a unique take on the formulas that make Bollywood.


How well do you remember the movies you watch? The comedies about mistaken identity? The heart touching stories about small town characters ? The love stories with climax dialogue “Ye shaadi nahi ho sakti ! ” Immerse in the magical land of movies with 200 premium quality playing cards containing Filmon ka Jaadu, Script ki Demand, Sitaron ki Chemistry and Blank Cards.

Fun rounds for various types of gameplay.

Jab tak tere cards chalenge, ye round chalega: Remember maximum script elements from the revealed movie names.

Tumse na ho payega: Pick a card and roll the dice. The number on the dice is the number of movies you name for that element or stars.

Picture abhi baki hai mere dost: Use script elements and stars cards as clues and let other players guess the movie you have selected.

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