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Cards That Take You Around The World


Do you love to travel? Do you like planning your vacations? Or you enjoy relaxing getaways. Wanderlust is a card game for everyone. Get a taste of travelling to different countries, explore what each place has to offer and make friends. Win rewards for exploring, planning or simply being the most fun person.

Contains 52 high quality cards and 1 easy-to-understand manual.


You are a travel buff. Your friends share a penchant for travel as well. You have explored the world and you are the one who plans each trip intricately each time. Now is the time to demonstrate your special skills and be known as the one with Wanderlust…

Play Wanderlust with the friends you want to travel with. The cards bring to life various experiences and how you can use each card to score the highest points before any of your friends. Anything is possible if you have wanderlust. You can be lost and learning a new language, you might be taking a road-trip and searching for food and landmark or you are booking your hotel and waiting for visa. You have to reach your destination but you also have to help your friends.
The truth is that is you can buy a hotel room or visa, but you have to be lucky to have true friends.


– A balanced mix of luck and judgement
– Fun quotient from all aspects of travel from planning to traveling to making new friends
– Visually rich high quality image cards from around the world
– Requires quick thinking and guesswork
– The game offers a wonderful opportunity for travel enthusiasts to discover new global destinations


Win badges by trading cards with other players quickly and prevent them from guessing the sets you are making


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Dimensions 12.5 × 11.5 × 9 cm
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